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Curated by modern classicist Cindy Calder, founder of Calder Classics, our blog covers anything from play reviews of adapted Classics to archeological finds to personal interactions with the Classics. We dissect how Greek and Latin can discipline and inform the mind, we retell myths from the past and we delve again into the debates of the ancients. Aiming to shed light on why we study the subject, we look at the places where modern life and the Classics intersect and inspire.

Calder Classics in Greece 2016
La città eterna
Our second week -- Florence Session 2

What we have been up to this past week!

Un giorno a Fiesole (A day in Fiesole)!

Recent adventures of the Florence Reading Latin Session 1 Program

Ciao da Firenze!

The recent adventures of Florence Reading Latin Session 1.

Nîmes, Sommiers, & Orange
Study Abroad and the Global Marketplace

Two recent studies show how study abroad experiences help students in the global marketplace. 

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