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Join Calder Classics in Pompeii — August 4 to August 14

Join us for this unique summer learning experience in the area of Pompeii, Italy, designed for high school students with a passion for Latin literature and an interest in ancient history and archaeology.

Summer in Pompeii 2014


Calder Classics invites students entering grades 9 through 12 to join us in Pompeii in the summer of 2014. Over the course of a 10-day program, the Classics will come alive through the study of Latin, exploration of ancient and modern sites and immersion in daily Italian life.

Our days will consist of translating Latin literature and exploring the historical and cultural treasures of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum and other nearby places of interest. 

The evenings will feature Italy’s many cultural, leisure and culinary offerings.

We are also offering 2-week high school programs for summer 2014 in Florence and Rome.

Master Latin


Each day students and their mentors will read and discuss Latin literature in a residential “salon” style environment. Our Latin readings will include such influential Roman authors as Livy, Ovid, and Pliny the Younger, as well as materials likely to be found on the Latin SAT II.

Dive into Italy’s Art, Culture and History

To complement our readings, we will explore the extensive archaeological remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum, two ancient Roman cities tragically preserved due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE, and investigate the world’s best preserved ancient Greek temples at Paestum. We will discuss the history and broader themes of these sites as well as their connections to the texts we read.

Science / Archaeology

We will also examine the natural history of the area, the dynamics of the local geology and how they caused the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum. With a Science teacher as our guide, we will look at the preservation of the archaeological artifacts and the making of body casts at Pompeii. 



The program will be housed at the beautiful La Locanda del Mare hotel, which includes a garden, free bikes, and a small library dedicated to poetry from around the world. La Locanda’s wonderful restaurant is known for its adherence to the principles of the local Mediterranean diet. Featured in Vogue’s September, 2013 issue, this “unpretentious little compound of bungalows has a happy Greek-island feel” and it is steps away from the beach.

Dates & Fees


This session in Pompeii runs from August 4 to August 14, 2014 for a single tuition fee of $4,000. Tuition includes accommodations, transportation within Italy, museum entries, instruction and course materials (certain additional books may need to be purchased). Breakfast, plus either lunch or dinner, are also included. Airfare is not included.




Students may travel with our chaperone on both legs of the journey, from New York City to Rome and from Rome to New York City. Calder Classics will arrange transportation for the group between Rome and Pompeii.

International travel insurance is required.


Photos from Previous Trips

Reservation Form

Upon submission of this reservation form, a Calder Classics representative will contact the student/parents for an introductory phone interview to determine if the program is suitable for the student’s level and experience. If appropriate, we will request a teacher recommendation. Students will be notified about acceptance immediately upon assessment of these criteria.

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