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Join Calder Classics in Rome
July 19 — August 1, 2015

Join us for this unique summer learning experience in Rome, Italy, designed for high school students with a passion for Latin literature and an interest in ancient history.

Summer in Rome 2015


Calder Classics invites students entering grades 9 through 12 to join us in Rome in the summer of 2015. Over the course of a 2-week program, the Classics will come alive through the study of Latin, exploration of ancient and modern sites and immersion in daily Italian life. Our small, personalized programs of 6-8 students allow us to provide individual instruction to each student in both Latin and ancient history.

Our days will consist of translating Latin literature, exploring the historical and cultural treasures of Rome’s piazzas and museums, and may include day trips to the archaeological ruins of Ostia, Orvieto, or other nearby places of interest. The evenings will feature Italy’s many cultural, leisure and culinary offerings.

There is one free day scheduled per week when students may choose to explore Rome on their own (with advance parental permission), or rest on the grounds of St. Stephen’s International School.

We are also offering 2-week high school programs for summer 2015 in Florence.

Master Latin


Each day students and their mentors will read and discuss Latin literature in a residential “salon” style environment. Our Latin readings will include such influential Roman authors as Cicero, Livy, Sallust and Tacitus, as well as materials likely to be found on the Latin SAT II. Given that participants join us from a variety of schools, we will begin with a brief review of Latin grammar.


Students Have Joined Us From…

Andover, Chapin, Brearley, Saint Ann’s, Riverdale, Collegiate, Lawrenceville, St. Joseph by the Sea, Charlotte Country Day School, Woodrow Wilson, Hotchkiss, St. Ignatius College Prep, High School of RenMin University of China, Choate Rosemary Hall, Dwight Englewood School, Groton, Berkshire School, Clark School, Milton Academy, Taft, and Liberty High School. Add your school to the list!


Dive into Italy’s Art, Culture and History

To complement our readings, we will explore the historical and cultural treasures of Rome, including the Forum Romanum (ancient Roman forum), Palatine and Capitoline hills, Circus Maximus, Pantheon, Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, masterpieces of the Vatican Museums, and the Roman catacombs. We will discuss the history and broader themes of these sites as well as their connections to the texts we read.



The program will be housed at the prestigious St. Stephen’s International School, a beautiful villa on the Aventine hill with dorm rooms, classrooms, computer lab, library, night-time security guard, and full cafeteria service. The rooms are designed to be cool during the warm Roman summer and have fans, but do not have air conditioning.

Dates & Fees


This session in Rome runs from July 19 to August 1, 2015 for a single tuition fee of $5,000. Tuition includes accommodations, transportation within Italy, museum entries, instruction and course materials (certain additional books may need to be purchased). Breakfast, plus either lunch or dinner, are also included. Airfare is not included.



Students may travel with our chaperone on both legs of the journey, from New York City to Rome and from Rome to New York City. International travel insurance is required.


Rebekah Junkermeier, Ancient History B.A. Dartmouth College M.A. Harvard University

Rebekah Junkermeier, Ancient History

B.A. Dartmouth College

M.A. Harvard University

Collomia Charles, Latin Professor of Latin and Greek, Columbia University and Barnard College Classics Department Ph.D. Boston University, Classics

Collomia Charles, Latin

Professor of Latin and Greek, Columbia University and Barnard College Classics Department

Ph.D. Boston University, Classics

Becky Marder, Counselor B.A. Dartmouth College

Becky Marder, Counselor

B.A. Dartmouth College

What Students & Parents are Saying about Calder Classics 

My son had a fantastic time on his trip with Calder Classics, it was the perfect combination of study and exploration!
— Elise P.
My daughter had a really great time in Italy. She loved living in the quaint villa and got so much out of the Latin learning. It was certainly an experience she’ll cherish.
— Amanda M.
My trip to Florence with Cindy was so fantastic. A perfect place to read Latin and learn so much about art history.
— Nina
Calder Classics provided the perfect trip for my son. He loves learning and reading Latin and wanted to study abroad during his summer vacation. This was ideal, and it surpassed our expectations.
— Toby G.

Photos from Previous Trips

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much Latin does the student need to have completed to apply? 

We suggest that the student have at least one full year of Latin reading completed before the start of the program. 

2. Does a chaperone accompany the students on the flights to and from Rome? Does Calder Classics organize travel?

Yes, a Calder Classics chaperone will accompany students on one direct flight from JFK to Rome and back. We provide students with flight information (flight number, date, etc.) and they have the choice to fly with the group or make their own travel arrangements. 

3. What do students do on the day off? 

All our programs provide students with one full day to rest and relax. We've found that this day allows students to re-energize for the second half of the trip. Students have the option to relax, sleep in, play soccer / frisbee / etc., and / or visit the city with a buddy or in a group, with previous parental approval. 

4. What do the cultural events in the evenings entail?

We have planned full days that combine reading Latin texts and visiting art, ancient history, and archaeological sites. In the evenings we have dinner as a group at St. Stephen's. Afterwards, we may take an evening stroll to enjoy a gelato or see an illuminated monument, or, if available, an outdoor concert. It's important to us that students experience modern Italian culture. 

5. What can a student expect to gain from this program? 

Students will acquire unparalleled preparation both for their high school Classics curriculum and college admissions. With Calder Classics, they can expect a dynamic experience that strikes the perfect balance of learning and fun. With the eternal city of Rome as our classroom, students will greatly improve their Latin, gain first-hand experience of ancient Roman history, immerse themselves in modern Italian culture, and share in international travel with new friends. 

6. Why should I choose your program over others? 

We limit our small, personalized programs to 6-8 students, allowing us to provide individual instruction to each student in both Latin and ancient history. 

7. What is required for the application process and when will I know if I'm accepted? 

We seek high-performing, select students of the Classics. However, we know these students are busy, so we keep our application process streamlined. After reviewing your application and teacher recommendation, we notify you immediately of our decision regarding acceptance.

Reservation Form

Upon submission of this reservation form, you will automatically receive an email with a link to our full application. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Upon receipt of this application, a Calder Classics representative will contact the student/parents for an introductory phone interview to discuss the program and answer any questions. Students will be notified about acceptance as soon as possible.

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