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Rebekah JunkermeierComment

Hadrian surveys a renaissance fresco...

This photo of a bust of the Roman emperor Hadrian and renaissance fresco in Rome's Palazzo Altemps was taken by Brown University Professor Nicola Denzey, who teaches about the religion of the catacombs, ancient Christian gnosticism, and women in ancient Christianity.

The emperor Hadrian reigned in Rome from 117 to 138 CE. In addition to rebuilding the Pantheon into its current glory and the Temple of Venus and Roma near the Colosseum, Hadrian is known for his travels throughout the Roman empire and building "Hadrian's wall," which marked the northern border of Roman Britian.

Your photo could be featured here too!  Submit your best photo of anything Classics related here! Every week we will select a photo from your submissions and feature it as our 'Photo of the Week.' Many thanks to Professor Denzey for sharing her beautiful image.

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