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By Lexi B., Florence '14

Il Duomo di Siena

Il Duomo di Siena

Today we went to Siena. It was such an amazing city. In the morning, we took a bus there from Florence and as soon as we arrived, we made our way into the Piazza del Campo. It was so expansive and I was immediately overwhelmed by the beauty of the architecture. 

We looked around for a few minutes before breaking for lunch. Then we ate a delicious meal at the Ristorante al Mangia, which is located in the piazza before reconvening outside the Museo Civico di Siena. 

Upon entering this museum, we observed a large sculpture of Romulus and Remus being nursed by their mother, a she-wolf, a depiction consistent with our readings of Livy. 

Then we moved into a large room with a spectacular fresco by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, depicting both the good aspects of government and its threats to society. The fresco contained little bits of Latin in it, which were fun to translate as we looked at it. 

Next, we visited Siena's Duomo. The Duomo was enormous and the first thing I noticed about it was how many tiny details and embellishments it had. The Duomo really amazed me because of its size. 

We looked at a marble carving in the ground which depicted a Cumaean Sibyl and a chunk of Latin text from Vergil's Eclogue: IV. The text describes the birth of a new son who will rule with great authority and peace. Vergil was considered to be a prophet in the Middle Ages, because of his writing in the Eclogues, which was viewed by many as a prediction of Jesus's birth. 

We continued to walk around the Duomo for a few more minutes admiring its beauty. 

We then took a few pictures in the city and finished off our day in Siena with some gelato, before boarding the bus back to Florence. 


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