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A Day at the Colosseum

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by Julia Shin, Rome '14

The first few days in Rome were great. Today, our group embarked on a journey to the Colosseum, the grand arena located in the center of the city of Rome. Walking and sweating from the hot sun, we finally approached the Colosseum where we were all amazed at its grandeur. Although part of the Colosseum was being restored, the Colosseum was beautiful nevertheless. After Rebekah told us some interesting facts about the Colosseum and gladiators, we entered into the arena without having to stand in a line that was stretched out pretty far. As I was entering into the Colosseum, all I could do was replay all the images and scenes that would have happened thousands of years ago: spectators cheering and gladiators fighting for their victory, fame, and freedom. We walked up the steep steps to get to the top of the Colosseum where there was yet another beautiful and jaw-dropping view of the inside. We all took a bunch of pictures to capture the scenic view to add to the collection of memories we've been making on the trip so far. After we took pictures, learned more about the Colosseum, and bought some souvenirs at the gift shop, it was time to go to our next stop, the Imperial Fora. I've learned about the Colosseum and read about texts taking place in the arena, and ever since, I always wanted to visit the place. My wish has come true, and I know I definitely won't forget this day.

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