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Firsts in Fiesole

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Making our way through Etruscan  ruins overlooking the town of Fiesole

Making our way through Etruscan ruins overlooking the town of Fiesole

Today we took a trip to the Tuscan town of Fiesole where there are a lot of Etruscan ruins. Since the town is so high up on a mountain we took two buses from Florence, and travelled for less than an hour. We were able to see a breathtaking view of the city of Florence. Seeing the Duomo, churches and museums appear so small yet still so massive compared to other Florentian buildings was a beautiful sight to behold. It was also really cool seeing a bunch of ancient artifacts. After looking at the ruins of the temples and going around the museum, we went to a restaurant near the bus stop. We had an amazing lunch at a restaurant in Fiesole, I had gnocchi with blue cheese, while a lot of the other kids ate lasagna. One person even ordered the seafood lasagna! After lunch I bought delicious toblerone from a street vendor then we headed back to the house and ended the day. Although the program is nearing its end, I have had many amazing experiences during my first trip to Italy. 

- Kyle & Kei

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