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How Did You Spend Your Summers?

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Dear Reader, 

I would like you to think back for a moment to your high school days and those long summer months between school years. What were you doing during your summer break? How were you spending it?

If you were like me, then you probably found a summer job washing dishes, painting houses, mowing lawns, or planting trees under the scorching Florida sun. Try spending one summer working outdoors in 90% humidity and I guarantee you will long for the days of an air-conditioned classroom.

Or perhaps you went to summer camp, learned to sail and canoe and build fires from scratch. Perhaps you visited your relatives and spent weeks sleeping on the foldout couch in the den.

Whatever you did, I’m sure those summer months are some of your fondest memories, even with all the menial labor and lumpy mattresses. However, would you describe those months as “life changing”, “extraordinary”, or “culturally enriching”?

Probably not.

However, Classical Wisdom Weekly did recently partner with Calder Classics, a very unique organization that devotes itself to creating a one of a kind summer learning experience that will create incredible memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

If you have a child or grandchild entering the 9th to 12th grade, he or she could have the opportunity to travel to Rome this summer and take part in a two week long European excursion while gaining invaluable knowledge in ancient history, classical artwork, even Latin. 

This unique summer trip allows high school students to witness firsthand the history of the classical world and immerse themselves in new and exciting cultures, all while gaining a valuable understanding of the humanities. This is not just an opportunity to see the world, it is a chance for them to get an edge in the coming semester, perhaps even for those SAT exams!

If you are a parent or grandparent who knows the value of a strong, classical education, then I know you will be eager to learn more about this trip of a lifetime. I guarantee once you see all that is included, you will be eager to sign up.

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Van Bryan
Associate Editor
Classical Wisdom Weekly

P.S. No summer trip is complete without some proper reading material. If your child or grandchild enrolls in this summer trip, be sure you write in and tell us and I will be happy to send you a complimentary copy of The Essential Classics, a beautiful 600-page anthology of classical literature. This hardback text is ideal for a budding classical student traveling on a European excursion. Click here now.

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