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A Tour of SACI

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Today the highlighted sightseeing location was SACI, or the Studio Art Center International Florence. There, the director, David Davidson, gave us a personal tour of the facility. We were also able to look at a temporary exhibit currently open at the school titled “Ephemera.” Deborah Zlotsky, the artist, has created an exhibition specifically for SACI using objects that only last for a brief time. The artist uses everyday products such as notebook paper, plastic, napkins in her work. In Latin, we translated an apotheosis (a story depicting a person ascending to heaven) written by Petronius in his Satyricon. This Latin translation related to our Roman excursion where we saw the Forum and talked about the apotheosis and procession depicted in the Arch of Titus. In the apotheosis that we translated, the same style of procession was depicted and helped us conceptualize what we saw at the Forum. Today was hot but definitely a day to remember. 

By Matthew Hayashi

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