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A Trip to the Bargello

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On July 26th, the Calder Classics Florence students braved the stormy weather to venture to the Bargello museum in the heart of Florence. Amongst many paintings and sculptures and artifacts, there were a few that really stood out. Donatello’s David particularly caught our eye because it was such a contrast to Michelangelo’s David which we saw the day before. Donatello depicts a more youthful and weak David while Michelangelo glorifies David’s strength, masculinity, and size. 

We also looked at two separate small bronze panels, one made by Filippo Brunelleschi and the other by Lorenzo Ghiberti. The two panels are both called the Sacrifico di Isacco and both depict the same scene—the sacrifice of Isaac. These panels were created for a competition, and the winner, Ghiberti, went on to finish more panels for the door to The Baptistry, which stands in front of The Duomo. Later in the day we translated de rerum natura by Lucretius. Lucretius tells the story of Iphigenia and how her father sacrificed her to the gods so that the Greeks could set sail for Troy. In some versions of the story, Diana swoops down from the Heavens and saves Iphigenia at the last minute—just like the story of Isaac that we saw in the panels at the Bargello. 

After such a memorable day, we stopped for dinner and gelato and strolled home via a stunning view at Piazzale Michelangelo. 

By Kaylee Capruso

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