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Calder Classics in Greece 2016

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        So far, our time in Thessaloniki and Samothraki has been an epic immersion into the classical world. Whether it is the joy of reading and translating our first Ancient Greek sentence or the thrill of exploring the sacred tomb of Philip II of Macedon, we are constantly enthralled by what Greece has to offer. Thessaloniki has it all - art, history, and vibrant culture. We visited Thessaloniki’s archeological museum, toured the city’s ancient ruins, and even cooked our very own traditional Greek meals at the American Farm School.

        Over the weekend we had the opportunity to wander through the ruins of Dion, a small village dedicated to Zeus in the foothills of Mount Olympus. We hiked up a trail on Mount Olympus and explored its beautiful waterfalls and natural lagoons. Unfortunately, we didn’t spot any nymphs, but we definitely felt their presence.

        Next, the group set sail for the island of Samothraki for four days. When we arrived we were immediately introduced to the island’s exotic scenery and beautiful beaches. Our local guide Stamatis even took us on a pick-up truck ride to Kremniotissa church, which sits on a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea. We also had the opportunity to have a Greek lesson on the island’s archeological site - Paleopolis, the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. Learning the Attic Greek passive voice in the company of ancient ruins is truly a unique and marvelous experience.

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