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My Ancient Greek summer with Calder Classics

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Before going to Thessaloniki I had taken one year of Greek, so for me the purpose of this trip was really to reinforce the existing foundations in grammar. But unexpectedly, with all due credit to our professors, Calder Classics has given me so much more: it has given me the tools to be able to read Greek fluently, just as you could read today's newspaper without hesitation. And I say "tools" instead of "ability" because no, nobody can immediately attain fluency in three weeks. But what the professors have gifted me with is a brilliant rod with which I could, after more training, catch the big fish in the ocean.


So thanks to Collomia and Sarah, I'm sure some day in the future I will achieve this goal. You will both prove to be influential in my progress as a student and a classicist, and my words do no justice to the gratitude welling from the bottom of my heart. I love this program, and will definitely come back someday!


Andre C., student

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