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At Calder Classics we believe that engaging inquisitive young minds in the Classics deepens our students' understanding of the modern world...

...and that the best learning environments are defined by equality of opportunity.

In this spirit, in 2015, we partnered with Prep for Prep, the acclaimed New York City organization that identifies promising students from diverse neighborhoods and places them in leading independent day and boarding schools.  Please visit their website to learn more.

Importantly, Calder Classics and Prep share the goal of educational equity, and the belief in the educational value of the Classics.   Prep students benefit from strong training in Latin, acquired during intensive after-school and summer programs such that when placed in top schools, students already possess introductory Latin vocabulary and grammar, important tools that will aide in their studies across multiple subjects. 

In partnership with Prep, therefore, Calder Classics is delighted to offer selected students an opportunity to expand and reinforce their study of the Classics by joining us on our Latin, Ancient Greek, and Creative Writing summer study programs in Florence, Rome and Tuscany.

To that end, we sponsor a series of entertaining "salon" events we call "Food for Thought" through which we widen the Calder Classics community around the Equity and Excellence in Education theme, while introducing new targeted donors to the Prep for Prep organization.

Past events have included:

Mystery of a Modern Classicist: Dinner and an academic talk on Elena Ferrante

Caesar, Cicero, Antony, and Augustus:  Controversial Leaders of Antiquity by Daniel Paul

No Human is Illegal, a documentary film presentation about refugees on Lesvos

Where Elephants Weep, screening of a musical production by Cambodian composer Dr. Him Sophy

The Talking Dead, a discussion with author Ann Patty on her book Living With a Dead Language

Alexander the Great:  Was He Actually Great? by Daniel Paul

Odyssey Folk Opera, a 30-minute live musical presentation of the Odyssey by Joe Goodkin

Rome Through the Ages Night, a presentation on Roman cuisine while dining on an authentic ancient Roman menu

If you would like to sponsor a Prep student on a Calder Classics program this summer please go to the Prep for Prep website at  and be sure to write "Calder Classics Scholarship” in the comments section.

If you have an idea for, or would like to host a “Food for Thought” salon, please contact:

For more information on Prep for Prep, watch the video at the following link and be inspired!!



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