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The Roman Forum by Janus Yuen

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We started off the day by heading to the Roman Forum.

Crispin met us at the gate to the complex, and led us through the Forum. Along the way she explained the history of each building, and vividly recreating the heart of Ancient Rome from its ruins.


We viewed many of the Forum's most historical and famous buildings, such as the Arch of Titus, the Curia Julia, the Temple of Vesta, and many others.

We saw firsthand how the modern city of Rome was built upon the ancient city, as exemplified by Rome's City hall (includes the Mayor's office) which sat on top of a Republic-era terrace on the Capitoline hill.

The group ended their tour of the Forum talking about the wonders of Roman cement, according to Crispin, the main reason the ancient Roman buildings still stand today.


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