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Day Trip to Pompeii by Erin Choi

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Today our Rome group went on a day trip to Pompeii! 

Starting our journey very early, we took the intercity to Naples and the local metro to Pompeii itself. Warned about potential pickpockets, we clutched our bags for dear life!

Once we reached the ancient city, we were surprised how intact most buildings and their architectural features were. Through Crispin’s explanations and walking into different houses, we learned about the classic structure of the domus. The elaborate and colourful wall paintings and mosaic floors, preserved in many houses, were especially beautiful. 


We also saw a typical rural bath house, contrasted in size with the massive baths of Caracalla that we had seen in Rome earlier this week. Other highlights included the amphitheater, gladiators’ barracks, and central forum. 

To fulfill the Latin component of the day, we read Pliny the Younger’s letter to Tacitus about the volcanic eruption as we looked out onto Mount Vesuvius itself. 


It was unforgettable to experience such an ancient city! Despite the long commute and blazing sun, the trip was definitely worthwhile.


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