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The Cambodian Krama: More Than Just a Scarf

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In Cambodia, the traditional “krama" is more than just a scarf.  The krama is highly practical, it is a colorful piece of clothing, and it is a national cultural symbol of Cambodia.

photo credit: Joey O’Loughlin

photo credit: Joey O’Loughlin

At our recent Calder Classics event on Cambodia announcing our new summer high school program in Siem Reap based on a study of the Reamker (the Cambodian adaptation of the Ramayana), attendees received kramas supplied by our partners from Cambodian Living Arts!

On the web you can search and find many beautiful pictures and stories of how kramas are worn and used, such are this one:

Here is a picture of our good friend, Arn Chorn-Pond, founder of Cambodian Living Arts, wearing one of his many kramas.


Here is a photo of Arn, wearing his krama while playing traditional Cambodian music.


Here is another good friend, Phloeun Prim, executive director of Cambodian Living Arts speaking with Angelina Jolie at The Asia Society in NYC about her 2017 Netflix movie made in Cambodia.


Cambodians proudly wear the krama to celebrate their cultural history.  If you would like to learn about the work being done to preserve Cambodian culture, watch the follow TEDx Talk by Phloeun on his mission at Cambodian Living Arts (18 min):

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