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Curated by modern classicist Cindy Calder, founder of Calder Classics, our blog covers anything from play reviews of adapted Classics to archeological finds to personal interactions with the Classics. We dissect how Greek and Latin can discipline and inform the mind, we retell myths from the past and we delve again into the debates of the ancients. Aiming to shed light on why we study the subject, we look at the places where modern life and the Classics intersect and inspire.

Why Study Ancient Greek in Florence?

Why study Ancient Greek in Florence, Italy?  Florence is the birthplace of Renaissance humanism where the study of ancient Greek flourished with an interplay of language, philosophy, mythology and art.

The Cambodian Krama: More Than Just a Scarf

The tradition Cambodian krama is more than just a scarf.

Day Trip to Pompeii by Erin Choi

Today our Rome group went on a day trip to Pompeii! 

Exploring the Uffizi

Looking at Rennaissance art in one of the most visited museums in the world!

Roman Scavenger Hunt

Calder Classics Rome students compete in a scavenger hunt around Rome!

Day Trip to Siena

Seeing Latin in context in the lovely city of Siena!

The Roman Forum by Janus Yuen

The Roman Forum from Janus’s point of view (our very own Janus, not the two-faced god!)

First Day in Rome!

Calder Classics: Reading Latin + Ancient History takes on its first day in Rome, complete with history, Livy, and gelato!

Renaissance Man About Town:  Devaluing and Revaluing Michelangelo’s David

When tourists visit Florence to see David, are they here for a more profound understanding of the statue's artistic and cultural merits or to check off another box on their bucket lists?

What Do Daenerys Targaryen and Augustus Have in Common?

Daniel Paul, PhD student at Fordham University and graduate of Cambridge and Oxford, recently gave another talk in his engaging lecture series, “Controversial Leaders of Antiquity.”  He began his talk by playing a short clip from the popular television program Game of Thrones and asking the audience to remark on her leadership strategies.  Daniel then went on to say that Augustus, the first emperor of Rome, shared many leadership traits with The Mother of Dragons. So what do Daenerys Stormborn and Augustus have in common?

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