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Cindy Calder founded Calder Classics in 2012 while studying for her M.A. in Classics at Columbia University.  She earned her B.A. from Dartmouth College in 1979,  her M.A. in Classics from Columbia University in 2012, and spent several summers in the hallowed halls of CUNY’s Latin/Greek Institute, where the extremely intense but very rewarding course of study inspired her to share her passion for the Classics through her own high school and adult programs. While at Columbia, she founded Calder Classics on the belief that the study of the Classics, when complemented with a first-hand experience of art, history, literature and modern culture, enriches younger students’ academic experience and encourages adults to re-engage in the joys of learning. At Calder Classics, mixing students of all ages in a shared learning environment has proven intellectually stimulating in wonderfully unexpected ways. Ms. Calder currently teaches Latin at Trinity School in New York City.  She has previously taught at the Brearley School and Saint Joseph High School and has extensive tutoring experience in Greek and Latin. She lives with her husband in Brooklyn and is the mother of four boys. Cindy teaches Latin in all the Florence programs.

Beth Alexion has served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia, teaching English in a secondary school and studying Tigrinya, the local language. She focused on Classics and Government at Wesleyan University, where she also played four years on the varsity soccer team. Originally from Brooklyn, Beth loves to travel. She has studied Classics abroad at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and spent a summer digging at an archaeological site in Israel. While at Wesleyan, she was a Teaching Assistant in Wesleyan's Classics Department and tutored Latin and ancient Greek. Beth chaperoned our Rome trip in 2015.

Johanna Braff has been at The Dalton School since 2013 where she teaches Latin and Greek. After attending Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, she received her B.A. from Swarthmore College in Latin and Greek, and her M.A. from the University of Maryland in Classics. At Maryland, she was awarded a Teaching Assistantship and the Award for Teaching Excellence in 2008. She completed her M.A. with a thesis focusing on the role of gendered animal similes in Aeschylus’ Oresteia and Homer’s Odyssey. Johanna then began her Ph.D. in Classics at the City University of New York Graduate Center. She has taught Classics and Classics in Translation classes at Brooklyn College, Lehman College and Touro College. She spent a year teaching Latin at the Brearley School before coming to Dalton.  Johanna has taught ancient Greek for Calder Classics in Florence and in Thessaloniki where she loves soaking in all of the Greek culture and also picking up some modern Greek!

Emma Brandow.jpeg

Emma Brandow is a college senior from New York City currently attending Vanderbilt University. She is majoring in Classical & Mediterranean Studies and minoring in Italian and Chinese. Her passion for Latin began in middle school and she has been fascinated by Classics ever since. She is pursuing a career in teaching Latin and had the opportunity to teach Latin to rising 8th and 9th graders this past summer at TEAK’s Summer Institute. Emma spent a semester studying art history and Italian culture in Siena in 2018, where she was able to travel around numerous different cities in Italy. She cannot wait to return to Italy.


Juliet Breza is a painter from Brooklyn and Santa Monica. She approaches the Classics through her art and environmentalism. Jules graduated from Brown University with Honors and received the 2017 Joslin Award for excellence in the Visual Arts. She also studied painting at Rhode Island School of Design and was the first non-RISD student to be accepted into the Rhode Island School of Design European Honors Program in Rome. Her thesis focused on the relevance of the Fiume Tevere’s (Tiber River’s) historical function to its current, climate change driven state. She has also received a Brown Arts Initiative Grant, Spring 2017 and a Julie Sloane Award, Spring 2016. Her work has been shown at Woods-Gerry Gallery, List Art Center, The Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Memorial Hall, Rhode Island School of Design, MoMA PS1, and The Art Students League of New York. NY Italian art history, Italian modern culture and media, Italian neorealist film and immersive Italian language courses inspired some of Jules’ favorite spots in Rome: Monte Dei Cocci (Monte Testaccio), Centrale Montemartini museum, and Villa Phamphili park…not to mention, the local art supply stores, hidden studios and vintage shops.

Billy Calder.jpg

Billy Calder  graduated from Dartmouth in 2012 where he majored in Theatre and studied classical tragedy.  He then completed the American Repertory Theatre at Harvard University’s graduate program of study in acting, a two-year MFA with a semester residence at the Moscow Art Theater School in Russia. While he was at ART, Billy worked closely with Sean Graney, a Radcliffe fellow, while Graney created his 12-hour theatrical adaptation combining all 32 surviving Greek tragedies, entitled All Our Tragic.  Billy was active in theatre at Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn, where he studied four years of ancient Greek. He is currently designing a high school theatre course as a future addition to the Calder Classics' Greek program.  Billy is based in Brooklyn where he has co-founded the CRASH Theater Company and works as a tutor for Noodle Pros. He was a chaperone in Florence in 2018.


Sonnet Carter is a Brooklyn native. Her love for Classics was ignited in the Prep for Prep program, where she first studied Latin. She continued her study of Latin at Saint Ann’s, then fell in love with Ancient Greek in Calder Classic’s Thessaloniki program. Now a freshman at Yale, Sonnet intends to major in Philosophy and is continuing her study of Classics. She is interested in using Classics as a lens to explore other disciplines such as philosophy, art, and linguistics — often times, reading classical literature has served as inspiration for her artwork. A former student, she returned in 2019 as the chaperone for the Tuscany program.


Dr. Collomia Charles holds a Ph.D. in Classics from Boston University. As a professor of Latin and Greek in the Classics Department at Barnard College and Columbia University, she also taught courses in the Comparative Literature and English departments. At CUNY’s Latin/Greek Institute, she has taught both the Basic and Advanced Program in Latin and Greek. Collomia now teaches at Collegiate School in New York City. Calder Classics has been lucky enough to have Collomia share her deep knowledge with our students as a teacher in both our Rome and Thessaloniki programs, for which she has also served as our Curriculum Consultant.


Jasmine Clarke graduated from Bard College in 2018 where she studied Photography under professors Stephen Shore and Gilles Peress. Her work has been chosen for many group shows and she has curated an exhibition for Bard graduates. Jasmine currently works for the Brazilian artist Vik Muniz in his studio and she has also had several jobs with fashion photographers. Jasmine was the photographer in Greece for our Reading Greek ‘17 program and she is the designer for Calder Classics marketing material.  

Dr. Crispin Corrado is a classical archaeologist specializing in Roman art, who received her Ph.D. from Brown University, her M.A. in Art History, and B.A. in Classics from the University of Chicago. Professor Corrado ("Crispin") has fieldwork experience at Pompeii, and has worked in a curatorial capacity in the departments of ancient art at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Museum of Art at the Rhode Island School of Design, and the Vatican Museums. She assisted these institutions in the creation and implementation of exhibitions of ancient art, co-authored catalogs, wrote articles and presented guest lectures. Crispin's major research interests include Roman wall painting, sculpture, and domestic architecture. She currently teaches at several American universities in Rome, and is the founder and an acting officer of the Rome Society of the Archaeological Institute of America. She has lived in Rome for over fifteen years and is our expert Ancient History teacher in Rome.

Isaia Crosson

Isaia Crosson is PhD candidate in the Classics Department of Columbia University, where he earned a Master of Philosophy (2017) and a Master of Arts (2012) in Classics with distinction. Before moving to the United States, he earned his B.A. in Classics summa cum laude from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Milan, Italy), and taught Latin and Italian literature at Collegio San Francesco. His main area of specialty is Latin literature of the the Early Empire, with particular focus on Seneca, Lucan, Statius and Silius Italicus), but he has written and presented on a variety of topics, including Roman history and antiquarianism, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Plato, and the style and reception of Thucydides. He has taught Latin and Greek at every level (introductory to advanced) at Columbia. He is also deeply experienced tutoring high school and college students.


Aulden Foltz is currently a Classics major at Stanford studying Ancient Greek. Over the summers, she has worked at several archaeological field sites, including tracking the path of Hannibal over the Alps and studying Pre-Incan society at Peru’s Chavín de Huantar. Aulden has been a student in our Pompeii program, and has returned as a chaperone with Calder Classics in Florence. Outside of Classics, Aulden also studies biology. She has worked in several types of labs, in addition to spending a winter in the field studying the social behavior of spider monkeys in Panama. She values her varied academic background and loves to find ways to connect Classics with other disciplines.  


Becky Goodman is a graduate of Middlebury College, where she majored in Film and minored in Italian. Having studied Latin avidly throughout high school, her interest in Romance languages heightened at Middlebury in her Italian classes. In 2013, she attended Middlebury's Language School, an intense immersion program, and spent six months in Rome studying at La Sapienza University during her junior year. Originally from NYC, Becky loves to daydream about Italy's capital in her spare time. Becky has been our chaperone in Rome and assistant teacher in Florence, our filmmaker and our Italian culture consultant.

Sarah Grover.jpg

Sarah Grover earned her B.A. in Comparative Literature from Brown University. She has been teaching Latin at Riverdale Country School for the past twelve years. She is also a  graduate student in Classics at NYU, where she focuses on Latin and Greek literature. Sarah has led both middle and high school students on trips to Greece, Italy, Spain, France, and Peru. She loves the study of modern languages and enjoys speaking Italian. This will be the sixth summer that Sarah is leading Calder Classics programs in Rome. This year she is introducing a Rome Spring Break class. Sarah has also taught Greek for Calder Classics programs.


Zari Havercome is a graduate of Brandeis University, with a double major in Health and International Global Studies. She is a member of the E-board for the Women of Color Alliance. With a foundation in ancient languages from her Latin class at Saint Joseph's, Zari went on to study Italian in college and plans to become fluent. Zari has been a student in our programs in Florence and Pompeii, and returned as a  chaperone with Calder Classics in Florence. She was the first recipient of the Calder Classics “Scholarship for the Study of Classics in the Wild”.


Matthew Hayashi is a third year student at New York University working on a double major in Classical Civilizations and Mathematics.  His Latin studies began in sixth grade at Sage Ridge School in Reno. In the summer before his senior year, he attended our Reading Latin + Art History program in Florence. He "absolutely loved it", and has since returned to Florence as a chaperone. His interests encompass the Renaissance, fashion design, and culinary arts. 


Sadie Holmes is a Connecticut native. She attended Phillips Academy Andover and Middlebury.  At Andover, she pursued her study of Latin and discovered a love for biology. Always looking for alternative, off-the-treadmill ways to dive into her studies, Sadie went to Florence as a student with Calder Classics in 2014. After falling in love with the city and studying Latin in such close proximity to Roman and Renaissance history, she returned to Florence in 2016 as Calder Classics staff.


Rebekah Junkermeier earned her B.A. from Dartmouth College, where she played 4 years of Division 1 varsity soccer. She earned her M.A. in Early Christian History at Harvard, specializing in Roman and early Christian archaeology. While at Dartmouth and Harvard she studied Latin and ancient Greek. After grad school she was awarded the James B. Reynolds and H. Allen Brooks Post-Graduate Fellowships to spend 2 years in Rome pursuing her own research.  She now works with professors to develop study abroad programs around the world for college students. Rebekah has a special love for Italian cuisine, ancient Roman mythology and history, and the intersections of ancient Roman religion with early Christianity. She has taught several Calder Classics programs, served as Program Director and social media maven.


Felicia Kang received her B.A. in political science from Barnard College, and her M.Sc. in International History from the London School of Economics. Both her undergraduate and master’s theses focused on collective political thought and its influences on communism.  She has been teaching history at  Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn for the past sixteen years. Her courses have covered a wide range of topics including an ancient history class in which her students delve into a reading of Homer.  She is currently teaching a class on political theory entitled Democracy and Dictatorship, in which her students closely read the works of Greek philosophers and dramatists such as Plato, Aristotle and Sophocles. Felicia has also taught history at St. Hilda’s &  St. Hugh’s School and The Spence School, as well as for the Prep for Prep program.  Felicia's created the Greek Mythology program for Calder Classics in Thessaloniki, bringing the words of ancient theorists alive while on site in Greece.


Clare Kearns is currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studies Classics and Comparative Literature and plays on the varsity squash team. She teaches Latin through the Penn branch of The Paideia Institute’s Aequora program that strives to make Latin more accessible to children from all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds and is always excited to teach and share her love of Latin outside of school. She has been to Rome several times and was the assistant teacher and chaperone for Calder Classics Rome 2018.

Lizzy Kildahl graduated from Williams College in 2014 where she majored in History with a focus on the Middle East. While at Williams she took every opportunity to study Spanish and Portuguese on campus and abroad, becoming proficient in both, and developing a love of learning languages. Lizzy also furthered her interest in working with young people while at Williams, teaching and coaching at a local school. After graduation she taught English for a year in Thailand. Lizzy is currently teaching at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership, a semester school in Washington D.C. Lizzy was a chaperone for Calder Classics in 2015.  


Becky Marder graduated from Dartmouth College with a major in Psychology and a minor in Education, completing Dartmouth’s Teacher Education Program followed by a Master’s in Education from Vanderbilt. She played for Dartmouth Women’s Rugby Club and was a member of Kappa Delta Episolon sorority.  She is also fluent in Italian and studied Latin in high school. Becky currently teaches at the PAVE School in Red Hook and has also taught at Greenwich Country Day School and in Thailand. She was a counselor in the Rome program in 2014 and maintains close ties with Calder Classics.



Alyssa Northrop  received her B.A in English and creative writing at Williams College and her MFA in fiction writing at Brooklyn College. Alyssa has taught English as a second language on a Princeton in Asia Fellowship and undergraduate composition and literature courses at Brooklyn College. She is a life-long student of the Classics, having studied Latin and Greek in high school at Saint Ann's and modern adaptations of classical literature at Williams. Alyssa has fiction and non-fiction forthcoming in the Colorado Review and East Magazine and she is working on her first novel. When she is not writing, Alyssa is a private writing and humanities tutor for kids of all ages. Alyssa spent a summer chaperoning for Calder Classics in 2014 and returned in 2017 and 2019 to teach a Creative Writing Workshop in Florence.

Daniel Paul.png

Daniel Paul is PhD candidate with the Classics department of Fordham University, with degrees in Classics from University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, Daniel taught Latin, Greek and Classics at the secondary school level (high school and college) for over six years including a year running his own department in an English high school. His PhD is focusing on linguistic studies and ancient literature. His interests within the subject are wide-ranging and include prose composition in both Latin and Greek, as he regularly writes his own short stories for high school and college students, the fall of the Roman Republic and Alexander the Great, topics on which he lectures every year as part of his duties as Director of the National Classical Summer School at Repton, England. Daniel is a frequent speaker as part of Calder Classics’ Salon Series.


Lana Robinson-Sum is a Latin teacher at St. Ignatius College Preparatory in San Francisco. She earned her B.A. in Classics at Brown University and a M.A.T. in Latin and Classical Humanities at Boston University. Lana also studied abroad at the Intercollegiate Center forClassical Studies in Rome, where she loved the experience of reading Latin in a place teeming with Roman heritage. Wanting to pursue her passions in international travel and education, she then spent a year teaching English in rural Thailand as a Fulbright grantee. Lana has led numerous Latin-themed field trips as the moderator of her school’s Junior Classical League, as well as longer school trips to New Hampshire and New Orleans. Lana has taught Latin in our Avignon program where she has enjoyed practicing her French in the summer while tracing the footprints of Julius Caesar in Gaul.


Angela Scafidi is a freshman at NYU's College of Arts and Sciences; she plans on majoring in Romance Languages and Environmental Studies. Growing up in a Sicilian family, Angela is fluent in Italian and is very familiar with the culture. In addition to Italian, she speaks some Russian and studied Spanish and Latin throughout high school. Angela is a Calder Classics alum and returned to Florence as a chaperone in 2018. Her favorite part about Florence is how the city's rich history balances with contemporary Italian culture.


Carol Anderson Shaw holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from University of Washington, where she now teaches classes on writing, ethics philosophy, and leadership communications. Carol graduated as an English major from Dartmouth College in 1979, and has worked since then as a writer, editor, and enterprise consultant. She has designed and taught numerous creative and expository writing seminars in Seattle public schools. In her master’s thesis novella, characters reminiscent of Penelope and Ulysses explore time travel, scientific breakthroughs, legendary romance, and adventures in creative writing. Carol has taught in the Calder Classics Creative Writing program in Florence.


Meg Shore earned her B.A. in Art History from Vassar College. Fluent in Italian, she is also a writer and translator, specializing in texts on Italian art and culture. Her numerous published book translations (under Marguerite Shore) include Artists’ Self-Portraits (Omar Calabrese, Abbeville Press), The Book of the Wind (Alessandro Nova, McGill-Queen’s University Press), Giuseppe Penone: Writings 1968-2008 (Ikon Gallery, Museo d’Arte Moderna  di Bologna), and Dinosaurs (a 5-book series for children (Matteo Bacchin and Marco Signore, Abbeville Press). She also works as a translator with Aperture, Artforum, the Museum of Modern Art and the National Geographic Society. Meg’s experience and contacts in the Italian art world provide our students with exceptional insight into the history of art, and special access to exclusive art collections. Meg is the Art History teacher in our Florence programs.


Rebecca Strimaitis is an actor, director, and teaching artist based in New York City. She received her MFA from the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University and a BFA from The Boston Conservatory. She has performed on Broadway, Off-Broadway, regionally and internationally. Rebecca’s work adapting classic texts like The Seagull inspired her to co-found CRASH Theater company, an ensemble of NYC-based actors whose main focus is to reimagine the classics for a modern audience. Rebecca currently teaches theater throughout the tri-state area. She is a teaching artist and program advisor for Arts Connection, where she helps jump start theater programs in New York City public schools.  Rebecca also teaches yoga and mindfulness in NYC public and private schools and in the corporate work setting. She was a chaperone in Florence in 2018.


Amy Tomasso graduated from Stanford University in 2016 with a degree in urban studies and Italian. She credits the ingenuity of the Italian piazza for her academic interest in urban planning and public space. While at Stanford she spent five months in Rome studying public art in the Roman periphery.   As an Italian tutor at Stanford, she shared her love of the Italian language and culture with her peers. Amy has also worked with younger students as an Outdoor Leader, facilitating wilderness backpacking trips and fostering a strong, environmentally-conscious community. In her free time, Amy adores writing, reading, and spending time in nature. Amy has been a chaperone and Italian teacher in our Florence program.


Dr. Jeffrey Ulrich earned his Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania where he taught Latin and Greek, as well as Greek and Roman Mythology and Critical Writing.  At the CUNY Latin/Greek Institute, he was an instructor in  both the Basic and Upper Level Latin courses. Before entering Penn’s graduate program, Jeff earned his B.A. at Rutgers, with a double major in Classics and Mathematics, then taught mathematics at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY for two years. He currently a Professor of Classics at Rutgers University and has also taught at Wellesley College and at Haverford College. Jeff has taught Greek in the Calder Classics program in Thessaloniki and leads the Greek program in Tuscany.






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