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Spring Break in Rome: March 15-22, 2020

A unique learning experience in Rome, Italy designed for high school students to advance their expertise in reading Latin. We make the Classics come alive through the interplay of literature, ancient history and travel.

Reading Latin & Discovering Ancient History in Italy

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Calder Classics invites students in 10th through 12th grades  to join us in Rome during Spring Break. Over the course of a one-week program, the Classics come alive through the study of Latin, exploration of archaeological sites and immersion in daily Italian life. 

We spend the week together in a beautiful apartment in the San Saba neighborhood. Language, art and scholarship merge fluently in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom and interdisciplinary exchange. Our days consist of reviewing Latin grammar and reading the great authors of Latin literature, exploring the historical and cultural treasures of Rome, and taking trips to the archaeological ruins of Pompeii or other nearby places of interest. The evenings feature Italy’s many leisure and culinary offerings.

Master Latin


Each day, students read, translate and discuss Latin literature in an interactive “salon” style environment. Our Latin readings include such influential Roman authors as Vergil, Cicero, Livy and Ovid. On this Spring Break trip we focus on analysis of reading passages and grammar likely to be found on the Latin SAT II and Latin AP. Students will gain valuable sight-reading experience. Given that participants join us from a variety of schools, we begin each day with a review of Latin grammar. We then analyze important texts from both a grammatical and literary perspective, engaging in such topics as the significance of rhetorical devices, meter and intertextuality. At least one school year of reading original Latin texts is required.

Dive into Italy’s Art, Culture and History

Throughout the course, we engage with ancient sites that are related thematically to, or directly inspired by, the literature we have read. Guided by our resident classical archeologist who is specialized in Roman art, we explore the historical and cultural treasures of Rome, including the Forum Romanum, Palatine and Capitoline Hills, Circus Maximus, Pantheon, Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica.  Our discussions focus on the historical context and broader themes of these sites as well as their connection to the core curriculum.

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Sarah Grover

Sarah Grover

Crispin Corrado

Crispin Corrado

Emma Brandow

Emma Brandow



We have exclusive use of a beautiful apartment in Rome located in the residential neighborhood of San Saba. San Saba is known for its quiet, tree-lined streets, its spacious apartments and its proximity to the ancient sites. On one side is the elegant residential area of San Saba with its villas from the beginning of the 20th century, antique churches and gardens. On the other is the folkloric Testaccio quarter, noted for its many trattorias. Conveniently located near Porta San Paolo and the Piramide metro stop, the apartment is close to restaurants, alimentari and many of the ancient sites we will visit, such as the Circus Maximus, the Roman Forum, the Palatine and Aventine Hills and the Colosseum.The apartment has a large balcony where students can read Latin or relax during their free time. Most of the rooms are doubles and there is one single. The accommodations feature air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a full modern kitchen and washer/dryer.

Dates & Fees


Session 1: March 15-22, 2020

The $2,750 tuition includes accommodations, transportation within Italy, museum entries, instruction and course materials (certain additional books may need to be purchased). Breakfast, plus either lunch or dinner, are also included. Depending on our daily schedules, students will be on their own for either a midday lunch break or an evening dinner break. Students are responsible for the cost of their own activities outside of the group. Airfare is not included.



Students may travel with our chaperone on both legs of the journey, from New York City to Rome and from Rome to New York City. 


“Calder Classics was everything that I expected it to be and more. We read from famous Roman leaders, historians and poets such as Livy, Caesar, and Cicero. I learned a lot by reading and analyzing these texts, and thanks to Sarah, I was able to improve my grammar dramatically. The other half of our days were spent with Dr. Crispin Corrado who led us around Rome. We visited many ancient sites, including Pompeii, the Circus Maximus, the Caracalla Baths, the Forum, and much more. Crispin’s expertise and maternal nature was integral to all of the knowledge I gained on this trip. In addition, I made many close friends - we already have organized a reunion in Rome in 10 years!!! Overall, this trip opened my eyes to how much I love Latin, and even more importantly learning! “ Nathaniel, student

“Thank you so much for organizing an amazing trip to Italy! Our son returned on Monday and told us that he really loved everything about it. He enjoyed everything he saw and thought that Crispin was awesome. The trip definitely solidified his interest in Classics!”  Caroline S., parent

"Calder Classics gave me a unique opportunity to see the amazing ruins of ancient Rome guided by real experts and combined with excellent Latin instruction.  Seeing the Roman Forum, Temple of Victory, triumphal arches, and more made ancient Rome come alive for me and the other students.  I highly recommend this program." Thomas W., student

"Calder Classics was one of the best times of my life so far! Whether it be visiting ancient catacombs, just getting gelato with my friends from the trip in the Circus Maximus, or learning to read epigraphy with Collomia and Rebekah, every moment was a great time. I feel like it was an experience that has taught me how to put both Latin and history into a visual context, live a foreign country, and even how to be a better Latin student. I look back on these memories with fondness and I think that anyone with the opportunity to do a Calder Classics program should take it up in a heartbeat." -Charlie H., student


“Spring Break in Rome was a fantastic way to further my knowledge of Latin while also learning about Roman culture and history. The Latin sessions with Sarah were both enjoyable and informative. The translations that we covered were varied, interesting, and focused on grammatical concepts that were really helpful to review. After discussing the Latin texts, it was amazing to visit corresponding historical sites with Crispin! My favorite part of the trip was reading Pliny’s letter to Tacitus while at Pompeii!+ - Anne, student

"Many thanks for an amazing and enjoyable educational summer program in Rome. My son learned so much about language, history and culture. He had a wonderful time!" -Shelly H., parent

"The Calder Classics Rome Program was the highlight of my summer vacation. I deepened my understanding of fundamental Latin concepts as well as more complex aspects of the language, gained an abundance of knowledge about Ancient Roman culture, and formed friendships and made memories that I will cherish forever. I cannot thank the Calder Classics Rome Program enough for my truly singular and incredibly memorable experience." -Frances D.

"When we were looking for a summer Latin study program for our son we were lucky to find Calder Classic's Rome program. It offers lots of individual attention, small class size, excellent teachers, and history lessons to go along with sightseeing in Rome. What a great first visit to Rome. The staff, from our first inquiry into the program to arrival back in the United States, was always very helpful. Thanks Calder Classics!" -Ginny S., parent

"I had a truly amazing experience in Rome, Italy. Calder Classics improved not only my Latin but also my knowledge and curiosity of the classics. I'll never forget the two weeks in Rome." -Julia S., student

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