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Curated by modern classicist Cindy Calder, founder of Calder Classics, our blog covers anything from play reviews of adapted Classics to archeological finds to personal interactions with the Classics. We dissect how Greek and Latin can discipline and inform the mind, we retell myths from the past and we delve again into the debates of the ancients. Aiming to shed light on why we study the subject, we look at the places where modern life and the Classics intersect and inspire.

Four Surprising Benefits of Learning Latin

Some surprising but powerful benefits of learning Latin make this beautiful ancient language perhaps even more relevant and useful than ever.

Calder Classics Alums - Where are they now?

Calder Classics students have attended an impressive list of top colleges and universities. Here is the list so far!


Comments on the Sibyl of Cumae as seen at the Duomo di Siena, by Sonnet Carter

Reading the Aeneid in Tuscany

The “Latin Squad” of Calder Classics’ Tuscany program recounts their educational adventure.

Homer's Underworld and Beyond

Connecting Homer’s underworld with Roman and Etruscan interpretations

Self-Styled Symposium by Claire Quan, Evelyn Wang, and Max Greenfield

Our Greek students share what they learned in a fun and delicious way

Lucretius and Botticelli by the Florence Session Two Latin Class

Connecting Lucretius to Art

Found Poems

Our Creative Writing students use their new craft to re-work a poem of Dante

Anticipation by Maude Guillo

The days leading up to Florence…

Day Trip to Milan by Beatrice Moyers

A brief change of scene for our Florence scholars

Art and Myth by Maggie Lewis

Learning myths through two different lenses

Why Study Ancient Greek in Florence?

Why study Ancient Greek in Florence, Italy?  Florence is the birthplace of Renaissance humanism where the study of ancient Greek flourished with an interplay of language, philosophy, mythology and art.

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