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Today we sojourned back in time to the former stage of the greatest gladiatorial showdowns of all time: The Colosseum. The visit began with us entering the fabled gates, as eager to witness the interior as the Romans were to see the grand spectacles, which once took place within. Crispin welcomed us to the grand arena by delivering a detailed description of the kind of events that once took place on the harena below. Visions of the grotesque events began to  prevail throughout my mind. We eventually stepped out onto the terrace between the second and third tiers of seats. From here Crispin explained to us the intricacies and importance of seating in the Colosseum. We learned that social class dictated which gate one would enter through, and that each gate would lead to a different section. For example senators would enter through special unmarked gates, which lead to the Podium, an area providing the best views for the most distinguished guests. Soon after Crispin left we indulged in more modern affairs, such as taking selfies and panoramas.

After our photoshoot the group diverged, and Tommy, Matteo, and I decided to visit the museum located in the concourse of the ancient stadium. We marveled at the profusion of antiquities; I personally favored a statue of Polyphemus, for I had never seen a three eyed sculpture before.

Written by Robert Connolly.


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